MAKEbhm -- Help Us Help You Make Awesome Things

Take part in this interview and get early access to workshops and offerings that are tailored to your interests! To get the invite, you have to tell us what you want to try.

For those of you who want to create something with your hands, MAKEbhm will offer a communal place where you will find the tools, the education, and the support to achieve the satisfaction of turning an idea into something real.

Think of it like a gym, but with saws, torches, and ceramics classes instead of Stairmasters, treadmills or Crossfit WODs. More than a collection of gear, this is a gathering of people with a solid respect for design and craft making great ideas happen.

We are still in the planning stages, and it will take many months to put all of the parts together. We're committed to making a place you are going to love, and we want your feedback now, not later. Just a few answers are all we need to get the ball rolling, and if you share this survey with friends we may be able to get it rolling a little faster. In addition to helping us plan a space that is all about what YOU want, your answers will be used to let you know about opportunities around Birmingham to take part in workshops with some of the coolest and most interesting makers in town. 90 seconds well spent, in our opinion.

So, thanks, lets do this >>